Healthcare Marketing Privacy Webinar Series: Ep. 1 
Getting a Handle on Third Party Web Trackers


Web trackers are at the heart of HIPAA compliance for healthcare marketers. Manage them, and you’re in compliance. Mismanage them, and you could find yourself faced with a HIPAA violation or lawsuit. Learn how you can gain control over web trackers on your site through Freshpaint’s Web Tracker Management feature set.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why healthcare needs web tracker monitoring built for HIPAA
  • How to identify and understand the HIPAA risk associated with each web tracker
  • How to create a source of truth for the risks and resolutions for each web tracker


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Featured Speakers

James Sylvester

James Silvester

Head of Sales Engineering

Zach Hauer

Zach Hauer

Senior Sales Engineer

HIPAA Hazards: Exploring Web Trackers Beyond Google Analytics eBook

Healthcare organizations rely on web trackers for analytics, marketing, and enhancing user experiences. Tools like Google Analytics and the Meta Pixel get all the press, but they’re not the only ones you need to worry about.

To help healthcare organizations understand these other risky web trackers, download this eBook that dives into the less-discussed web trackers that could be compromising your compliance.

HIPAA Hazards eBook w Background

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