Healthcare Marketing Privacy Webinar Series: Ep. 2 
Creating A Safe By Default Approach For Your Marketing Stack


Building a privacy-first approach to healthcare marketing means making sure PHI is never shared with tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant. Learn how Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform’s safe-by-default approach is designed to give healthcare marketing teams the confidence that sensitive data is not being shared with their relied-upon tools.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How strong PHI governance can deliver high performance marketing and privacy
  • Why a visual interface to control data sharing is critical for healthcare marketers
  • How enhanced server-side connections keep you safe and give you the full dataset you need


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Featured Speakers

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James Silvester

Head of Sales Engineering

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Zach Hauer

Senior Sales Engineer

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Freshpaint bridges the gap between patient privacy and digital marketing by ensuring sensitive data is never shared with tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant.