One Pager: Introducing the Industry's First Healthcare Privacy Platform

This one pager gives a high-level overview of the industry's first Healthcare Privacy Platform - the only technology that’s specifically designed to help healthcare marketers balance performance marketing and HIPAA compliance.

In it, we cover some key functionalities including: 

  • A Safe-By-Default Approach
  • Opt-in Sharing
  • Event Verification
  • Web Tracker Management

Healthcare Privacy Platform One-Pager


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Get a HIPAA-Compliance Check Up

Generate a comprehensive scan of all the pages on your domain(s) to audit what trackers are running where, so you can quickly make the decisions that keep you HIPAA-compliant.

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Unlock High Performance
Marketing & Protect Patient Privacy

Freshpaint bridges the gap between patient privacy and digital marketing by ensuring sensitive data is never shared with tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant.

Unlock High Performance Marketing & Protect Patient Privacy