One Pager:  How Embedded Video Tools Can Violate HIPAA

Hosting videos with rich context about health conditions or upcoming treatments on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo puts Healthcare Marketers at risk of HIPAA violations. 

This one pager explains:

  • The HIPAA risks associated with embedded video tools
  • Why these tools put you at risk
  • How you can keep using embedded video tools to improve your patient experience in a HIPAA-compliant way 

Embedded Video One Pager


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Improve Visitor Experience with HIPAA-Compliant Embedded Video

Freshpaint helps you create a richer experience for your visitors by supporting embedding YouTube and Vimeo-hosted videos on your site without ever sharing HIPAA identifiers.

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Freshpaint bridges the gap between patient privacy and digital marketing by ensuring sensitive data is never shared with tools that aren’t HIPAA-compliant.