eHealthcare Report:  Focus on Privacy/Tracking - Navigate Risks and Maintain Compliance

In this report from eHealthcare Strategy and Trends, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the current privacy/tracking landscape in healthcare marketing. Through expert insights and in-depth interviews, you'll come away with practical tips and strategies to navigate the complexities of privacy and tracking in your healthcare marketing efforts.

Highlights include: 

  • Guidance from Atrium Health on how to balance privacy, security, and usability in your marketing strategy.
  • Six immediate actions you should take to respond to the 2022 HIPAA guidance on online tracking technologies, plus advice from a legal expert.
  • Insights from WebMD Ignite on how to manage online tracking technologies and safeguard sensitive healthcare data.
  • Five ways to measure ROI and growth beyond tracking pixels.
  • How to assess your current situation regarding tracking technologies, protect your patients’ privacy, and help your organization steer clear of HIPAA violations — plus four tips for compliance.
  • Why Anthony Katsur, CEO of IAB Tech Lab, believes privacy enhancing technologies can be a potential solution to privacy in AdTech.

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