HIPAA Hazards: Exploring Web Trackers Beyond Google Analytics 

In 2023, when HHS and the FTC warned healthcare organizations about web trackers, all eyes were on Google Analytics and the Meta Pixel. Because the regulators explicitly called them out.

But these aren’t the only web trackers that could compromise your HIPAA compliance. Any tracker that collects health information and personal identifiers puts you at risk of violating HIPAA. And there are a lot of web trackers that collect health information.

To help you understand all of these web trackers, and what to do about them, we put together this guide. In it, we cover:

  • ⚠️ Four types of web trackers that you might have on your website
  • 🔎 What these trackers mean for HIPAA compliance
  • ✅ What you can do about them (Hint: it doesn’t involve removing all trackers from your site)

HIPAA Hazards eBook w Background

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