From Awareness to Advocacy: Crafting Privacy-Centric Patient Journeys in Healthcare

The patient journey unfolds across four key stages — from initial awareness to lasting loyalty. At each stage, technology's role is pivotal. But building a patient journey that seamlessly moves patients from one stage to the next comes with its own set of challenges, notably HIPAA compliance.

Join healthcare marketing experts in this live session as they share the secrets to mastering this delicate balance and how organizations like Baptist Health (Jacksonville, Fla.) are successfully navigating privacy-first, full-funnel marketing.

You'll walk through steps to integrate technology into each step of the patient journey and build a healthcare marketing strategy that not only complies with regulations but also connects deeply with patients at every touchpoint through the strategic use of first-party data.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What privacy-first marketing means
  • How data improves funnel efficiency, and why a privacy-first ecosystem allows you to maximize performance beyond what was previously thought possible
  • The data, tools and tactics needed at each stage of the patient journey
  • How to govern protected health information to protect patient privacy

Crafting Privacy-Centric Patient Journeys in Healthcare

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